Liberal 'IRONIC' Hipster ACORNS Nearly Brawl With Local Oaf


[youtube expand=1]

We saw this tuxedoed pig-man belting his terrifying song about money outside the White House without knowing, say, what the hell was wrong with him. And then other non-tuxedoed protesters started yelling in his ear and telling him to shut up, so we just assumed that it was a microcosm of the considerably important ideological war between the Insanes and the AstroTurfs. But some lady later informed us that these tuxedoed pigs were "probably" secret ACORN agents, who, if you recall, make up Obama's personal S.S. "hit squad." They are employing the liberal tactic of Irony to show that the Tea Parties are just a corporate scam. Whatever. But they do have the cops in their back pocket! [YouTube]


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