Liberal Libations at DNC Bash

One upside to not having a real role in running the country: Giving a speech using the word "motherfucker." A Wonkette operative engages in some secondhand gossip via IM about last night's DNC event in Orlando:

LocalDem (9:36:53 PM): hey

LocalDem (9:37:01 PM): just got a phone call from XXXXXXXX at the DNC meeting

LocalDem (9:37:16 PM): apparently its the biggest boozefest he's ever seen

LocalDem (9:37:29 PM): terry mac made a drunken speech

WonketteOperative (9:37:32 PM): hahhahahahaha

LocalDem (9:37:41 PM): and donna brazille gave a speech where she used the word motherfucker multiple times

LocalDem (9:37:46 PM): its completely closed press

LocalDem (9:37:47 PM): and open bar

LocalDem (9:38:45 PM): my faith in the democratic party has just been completely restored

UPDATE: Donna Brazile wrote in on Dec. 13 to point out that she did not, technically speaking, give a speech at this event, or say "motherfucker." How drunk was our Wonkette operative that day, anyway? Jeez...


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