Liberal Monster Eric Cantor Going To FEMA Camp All Your Guns If You Offer Your Little Lady Some 'Guidance'


It is trouble in vicious soulless eee-vil rightwing-hack-land, as radio weenie Mark Levin is calling on that dastardly anti-gun LIEBRUL Eric Cantor to go kill himself or something, because he allowed the Senate's version of theViolence Against Women Act to come to the floor, even though some bitches be asking for it! But, like, even Republicans know they had to hold their snouts and vote for VAWA, or we would (rightfully!) call them wifebeaters every day until Jesus brings us home! So what is Marky Mark het up about this time? And why is he saying Cantor should commit seppuku and such? Because this terrible new VAWA says that if you beat your wife, you cain't have no guns? HOW IS THAT EVEN FAIR????

The Stupidest Man on the Internet reports:

Conservative radio host and author Mark Levin called out “Little Weasel” Eric Cantor for his support of the flawed Violence Against Women Act that contains egregious anomalies. The bill’s language is so vague that if anyone is accused of violence under this law… then they would not have a right to a fire arm. Thus this is an under the radar means of confiscating guns. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor wants the bill passed.

Mark Levin called out Cantor on his show for his support of this bill.

“You’re a coward! You’re a hack!”

On Tuesday House Republican leaders bowed to pressure from within their own party and cleared a path for House passage on Thursday of the Senate’s bipartisan reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. In a closed-door conference meeting on Wednesday, Cantor told one GOP member that if they blocked the Senate-passed Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) from coming to the floor, they’d cause “civil war” in the ranks.

UPDATE: Mark Levin has called on Eric Cantor to step down.

Well it is a fine how-do-ye-do when you can't even offer your little lady some guidance, in the shape and form of the Rod of Correction, without having to give all your guns to Tyrant Obama. Despite the fact that Cantor didn't even vote for the bill, we are going to have to agree with Mark Levin on this one.

Surely Cantor can find his way to the Death Panel without us?

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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