Liberal New York Times Simply Does Not Care For Obama's Facial Expression (Update: Nevermind!)


What is funnier than a typographical error on the front page of the N Y Times Dot Com, the Tumblr of Record? It's great, because they're like, "Hey, we're the New York Times, we're the best, feed me caviar," and then they screw up and everyone chuckles for two seconds. Today they posted a TimesCast video about how a Super PAC was planning to personally attack Obama, and what could better complement that story thanstock footage of Obama "looking slick and cocky"? (UPDATE BELOW -- WE ARE DUMB -- STILL SORTA FUNNY? -- EHH)

Others might say he is "smiling," but his head is sort of tilted up, and he won't show his teeth, and he's blah, so that must be how we get to "slick and cocky."

Don't worry, Times front-page slave, we all do this sometimes. Sometimes we at Wonkette post lengthy excerpts of the nastiest parts of Mein Kampf alongside the .gif of Orson Welles clapping and then have to quick scrub it before any of you see it. They were just drafts, we swear!

UPDATE: No, nevermind, the image is a screen grab from that wingnut PLAN TO DEFEAT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA storyboard that came out today. Apologies to the wonderful New York Times newspaper, which is free of error here, but took it down anyway. Your Wonkette author is a horrible person.

[Romanesko via Crasstalk]


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