Liberal Traitor Eric Cantor: Obamer Not A Terrorist Per Se


[youtube expand=1]

Eric Cantor went to some confab run by the Heritage Foundation, a prominent think tank affiliated with his political allies; said confab was held in Washington, D.C., where Cantor works. The decision to attend came at "great cost" to Cantor, apparently, according to some dude with a kind of endearing New England-ish (?) accent who thanked him for coming! (Maybe there was a two-drink minimum?) Anyway, this fellow asked why "Obamer" isn't in Gitmo right now, which everyone in the crowd thought was hilarious, and Cantor said "no one thinks the president is a domestic enemy," which resulted in angry muttering. And who the hell knows what happens in this video after that, as we couldn't bring ourselves to watch past the 1:30 mark or so, but with any luck by the end of it Joe Lieberman was on the phone with Hillary Clinton angrily demanding that Cantor's citizenship be revoked post-haste.


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