Libertarians Pointlessly Annoying World's Muslims


Because nothing serious is going on in the world, and because the new Libertarian Patron Saint is busy in his Time Machine being a 2-year-old Freedom Walker with Dr. King while simultaneously celebrating the First Amendment of not letting coloreds buy lunch because they are coloreds, America's Libertarians on the Internet are today pointlessly harassing religious Muslim people who for whatever theological dead-end reason cannot abide a South Park cartoon of the Prophet Mahomet dressed as a dildo or whatever.

On the one hand, people who actually attack and/or kill other people for drawing a picture of some cave-desert religious figure, well these people are nutters. People who have a riot over cartoons -- and why do you think we call the Comics Curmudgeon's column "Cartoon Violence" anyway? -- are lamers.

But to equate the bizarre/violent behavior of a handful of fanatics with the cultural-religious traditions and harmless taboos of a billion of the world's people, well that's about as dumb as your neighborhood Sunday School because you don't like Fred Phelps.

QUESTION TIME: If your political philosophy is honestly something along the lines of "Free Minds, Free Markets," what's a better way to lift billions of people out of poverty and literal adherence to old faiths: Investing your Ron Paul gold doubloons in emerging markets and technology and open governments, or childishly prodding angry, impoverished people into rage and violence so you can snicker from the safety of your computer?

The answer, if you're the kind of intellectually vapid internet-tough-guy who can't stop giggling over the antics of Penn & Teller or whatever, is to spend this day posting cartoons of Mohammed and gleefully twittering about the resulting riots.


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