Libtard Main Stream Media More Concerned With Right-Wing Senator's Sex Crime Than Washed-Up English Gay Singer's Sex Crime of Nine Years Ago

Well I guess it would be nice, if I could touch your body ... - WonketteIt's not an outrage that a Republican Senator was arrested in a public bathroom trying to fuck a male cop, it's an outrage that the Main Stream Media is paying attention to this when the same amount of attention wasn't given to the arrest of a retired gay pop singer in 1998. If not for a site called "NewsBusters" -- which is "exposing and combating liberal media bias" -- we may not have realized why U.S. Senator Larry Craig's bathroom arrest should have no more media coverage than the arrest of George Michael, which apparently didn't have exactly as much coverage as Larry Craig's arrest, even though the first thing that anybody thinks when you say "arrested for cruising a bathroom" is "George Michael" ... until this week, at least.

Perhaps the first famous name that comes to mind when it comes to policeman arrests in a restroom is George Michael, the former Wham! singer, who was busted in April of 1998 for lewd conduct in a restroom at Will Rogers Memorial Park in Beverly Hills. (The act was reportedly masturbation and some public nudity.) This story, with Michael's fame on the wane, drew almost no attention from the same national media outlets who are now pounding on the office door of Sen. Larry Craig and insisting he resign.

Do you get it yet? It's almost as if the Liberal Media has used Liberal Bias to decide that a conservative Republican married anti-gay U.S. senator's gay sex arrest is somehow more newsworthy than the 1998 arrest of mostly forgotten unmarried gay English disco singer's arrest for cruising a bathroom.

George Michael's Restroom Bust Was No Larry Craig Feeding Frenzy [NewsBusters]


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