Libtard Supreme Court Will Let Alien Monster Barack Obama Be President!

Libtard Supreme Court Will Let Alien Monster Barack Obama Be President!

Having lost pretty much everything else, forever, the wingnuts have focused all of their intellectual firepower on a single foolproof argument: Barack Obama cannot be president, because they say he's a scary African. Somehow this important issue has come before the United States Supreme Court, twice! And so far, our communist Highest Court has refused to even consider the crucial situation! Today, the justices again spit on the legal efforts of Real Americans.

We have regrettably failed to follow this story closely, but the basic complaint is OH MY GAWD A NIGRA BECOME A PREZIDENTZ.

SCOTUSblog reports:

In a brief order, the Court, as expected, turned aside a New Jersey voter’s plea for the Court to determine if President-elect Barack Obama was qualified to run for the White House — that is whether he was a “natural born citizen.” The stay application came in the case of Donofrio v. Wells, Secretary of State of New Jersey (08A407). This marked the second time in recent weeks for the Court to turn aside such a challenge; the first came on Nov. 3, in Berg v. Obama (08A391). The Court, in neither instance, gave reasons for turning down the applications. In neither case did the Court seek a response, thus indicating it had little interest in either or had found them to be completely without merit.

Thanks, George W. Bush Junior, for stacking the Supreme Court with a bunch of socialist Africans.


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