Lie to Me, Baby

* The director of the FBI has given sworn testimony contradicting that of the Attorney General. My, my, something certainly seems amiss! [NYT, WP]

* Lying to America is so much harder now that you can't count on Congress to forgo the whole investigation thing. [The Hill, Roll Call]

* To make up for that whole abortion thing, Fred Thompson's wearing a cowboy hat. [WP]

* Mitt Romney will continue headling Panderfest '07 by at some point giving a speech explaining why he's in a cult. [LAT]

* Four days of trash talk sort of makes us wonder what these two are going to do about all the sexual tension. [WP]

* Fred Thompson's campaign had to deny the rumor that their candidate is still unannounced so he can keep collecting residuals. This guy's going places. [Politico]

* Say what you want about America, but it's comforting to know that corporations can still buy favor with our leaders by throwing them a good, old-fashioned shindig. [USAT]


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