Lieberman Campaign's Website Woes Own Damn Fault

liebermanpanda.jpgWhy the hell is Joe Lieberman's campaign site hosted by these people (site down -- probably not because of dirty deeds, by the way) under the cheapest plan available? And why do Lieberman's FEC filings say he's paying $1500 to a different company for web hosting? No, we seriously want to know. These aren't rhetorical questions.


We have to assume that Lieberman paid the guys named above (click to enlarge slightly) to find hosting, and "2 Dog Media" went with the cheapest option available, using the rest of their paycheck to buy Ecstasy or whatever Internet people ingest. With Friends of Joe Lieberman like this, etc.

UPDATE: Funny picture added for people who don't care about FEC filings.

UPDATE2: Ha ha ha:

2Dog Media has had many experiences with bad hosting companies. From sites not being available to e-mails getting lost, we know the hardships of finding a good hosting company. You lose money, clients, and credibility during those times. That's why we do the worrying for you and make sure your website is constantly accessible with our hosting product. Get hosting, a domain name, and e-mail for one low price.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE:2Dog Media responds: haven't hosted for three months.

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