Lieberman Elected King of Iraq

Hated American Senator "Vinegar Joe" Lieberman showed up in Baghdad today, where he was made King of the Iraqis. Read the Good News the Main Stream Media won't tell you about Iraq, after the jump.

As the Muslim hellscape's first Jewish despot, Lieberman pronounced the SURGE a great success and praised "the Decider of Islam, George W. Bush." After the coronation, King Joe met with a trade delegation from Tel Aviv, which he pronounced "Baghdad's Sister City."

And as King of Iraq, Lieberman will always wear the traditional royal garments of the finest body armor not provided to our troops, along with the ancient Kevlar-composite Army helmet of Saladin. Lieberman will, of course, never ever leave the heavily fortified Green Zone.

Meanwhile, "everyday life" continued, if by "life" you mean "mass murder."

On Memorial Day, 10 U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq -- eight of those died when an American helicopter was shot down north of Baghdad. And yesterday, "gunmen dressed in police uniforms staged a well-coordinated kidnapping at Iraq's Finance Ministry and abducted five Britons. Two vehicle bombings in Baghdad killed at least 44 people and injured 74. And the bodies of 32 men -- all shot and tortured, some handcuffed and blindfolded -- were found in two locations north and south of the capital on Tuesday."

Lieberman laughed and said, "The surge is working!" May is already the deadliest month for American troops in Iraq since 2004.

10 American Soldiers Killed in Iraq [Washington Post]

Lieberman in Iraq sees "progress," says so-called surge "would start to break the insurgency" [AMERICAblog]


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