Lieberman, Graham Threaten To SHUT DOWN SENATE Over Dumb Amendment


Gay-for-each-other fecal demons Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham are beingsuuuuuuchhh baaaaabieeesss now that the few decent law-abiding and moral Democrats in the House have promised not to approve any spending bill that would send the sneaky Lieberman-Graham Amendment to the White House, which of course loves it. If you haven't been following, the "Detainee Photographic Records Protection Act of 2009" amendment allows the president to legally ignore any court-mandated Freedom of Information Act release of "any photograph that was taken between September 11, 2001 and January 22, 2009 relating to the treatment of individuals engaged, captured, or detained after September 11, 2001, by the Armed Forces of the United States in operations outside of the United States." NO BUT REALLY. And now Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman are threatening to shut the Senate down until this comically fascistic fart-nugget of an amendment saves America.

The Politico's Congress guy, the one with the hat, Glenn Thrush, reports:

Calling the release of the so-called torture pics tantamount to a "death sentence" for some U.S. operatives working in hostile countries, Lieberman and Graham took the unusual step of vowing to attach their ban to every piece of legislation passed in the upper chamber if their amendment is removed from the war supplamental [sic].

Note that this amendment has never even been debated. Because then people might know about it, and people might know that Obama loves it! Here's the official WAH WAH WAH statement, from these rats.

“We will employ all the legislative means available to us including opposing the supplemental war spending bill and attaching this amendment, which was unanimously adopted by the Senate, to every piece of legislation the Senate considers, to be sure the President has the authority he needs not to release these photos and any others that would jeopardize the safety and security of our troops.

“The release of the photos will serve as propaganda and recruiting tool for terrorists who seek to attack American citizens at home and abroad. We should strive to have as open a government as possible, but the behavior depicted in the photos has been prohibited and is being investigated. The photos do not depict anything that is not already known. Transparency, and in this case needless transparency, should not be paid for with the lives of American citizens, let alone the lives of our men and women in uniform fighting on our behalf in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

“Let it clearly be understood that without this legislation the photos in question are likely to be released. Such a release would be tantamount to a death sentence to some who are serving our nation in the most dangerous and difficult spots like Iraq and Afghanistan. It is this certain knowledge of these consequences of having the photos released that will cause us to vote against the supplemental and continue our push to turn our important amendment into law.”

Shouldn't these losers be stumping for John McCain 2010 in Arizona by now?

Lieb, Graham threaten scorched earth on pics [Glenn Thrush]

Obama's support for the new Graham-Lieberman secrecy law [Glenn Greenwald]


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