Lieberman Spies Wanted

AP reports that the Lieberman campaign is "making calls to close supporters asking them to be at the Hyatt Regency in Arlington, Va." just in case Joe, you know, loses. Just in case. According to a source in the campaign, "his best hope is Delaware." (And that's true for so many of us.)

Anyway: Barring an act of God (who we understand is a close personal friend of Lieberman's), Lieberman will give his concession speech tonight right here in Arlington. We can't make it ourselves -- being morbidly obese has its downside. But we would love it, love love love it, if anyone out there could go and quietly observe the scene. Will there be weeping? Will there be shushing? Take a camera. And don't forget to write!

Lieberman Said Conceding if Winless Tues. [AP/Mercury-News via Drudge]

Hyatt Regency Crystal City [Hyatt]


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