Life On A Submarine Can Get Interesting, Here Are 20+ Things You Never. Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 21, 2021

Life On A Submarine Can Get Interesting, Here Are 20+ Things You Never. Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 21, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Going for herd immunity by infecting everyone was bad, UK? Well darn. (BBC) Jair Bolsonaro should face homicide charges for infecting everyone, Brazil? Who knew! (MSNBC) An egg in the vaccine that hatches a synthetic parasite inside your body? Just obvious. (Joe.My.God.)

Do you like your blood pressure? Probably don't read this Mother Jones on Manchin threatening to leave the Democratic Party if the entire party doesn't give in to his "entitlement society" bullshit, it is agggggggravaaaaaaating. Or this Talking Points Memo on Sinema's latest whateverthefuck.

Win-win-win for Jay Inslee and Washington state! — Lawyers Guns & Money

Charlie Pierce watched the Republicans of the Senate refuse to debate voting rights, which is odd because Joe Manchin told me the filibuster brings the Senate together. (Esquire)

How police use force on (mostly Black) children. — AP

Rep. Karen Bass intends to question Attorney General Merrick Garland about it today. (We will surely have a livestream.) Meanwhile! Kids' mental health is a national emergency. (NPR)

Can the South be organized? I don't know, this story is very long! — In These Times

The Oath Keepers in the government, upside down smile emoji. (Buzzfeed)

Gretchen Whitmer, kindly fix the goddamn water. — ABC News

Let's all learn about meth. I do not like it! At all! — The Atlantic

If you have Washington Post articles left, please read poet Maggie Smith on fears that aren't real, and those that are. It's a beautiful antidote to the rest of today's tabs, Jesus Christ, I am so sorry.

Nerd stuff about gene therapy! (Scientific American)

This is very cool and happened a couple of months ago and I must have been on my (terrible, heat dome) vacation: Vermeer's Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window has been restored to show its bowdlerized Cupid. (Art News)

Teen Vogue does Salem witches.

But Pope Francis calls for some very good things: UBI, shorter workday, protests for racial justice, amen. (America Magazine)

Well almost every one of those news stories was terrible, because this has not been a great day in "news and stuff." Let's go to Bon Appetit for A'Lelia Walker's radical dinner parties. Well SHIT it opens with her dying from feasting! Fuck! Dinner Parties' New Rules. At least there's an olive oil cake, and how to do snack plate for dinner.

Do your Amazon shopping through this link, because reasons.

Sorry everything is so terrible this morning, maybe some good things happened before I woke up, let us pray.

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