Life With Dick: Suspicious Fires, Moving Vans & More 'Hunting'

Burn it ... burn it all, goddammit! - WonketteSith Lord Dick Cheney apparently returned from Saudi Arabia (and Ireland) just in time to flee Washington again, this time for a "hunting trip" in Florida. Wonkette Operatives spotted the Dick's motorcade blasting through downtown Monticello (near Tallahassee) late Monday, probably headed for this "Southern Quail Hunting" lodge. Says the hilariously named Two Beard Farm website: "As you prepare yourself for the kill your heart begin to race."

But even as Cheney keeps one step ahead of that rascally process server, the chaos and skulduggery continue at his Naval Observatory lair. A mysterious blaze struck the compound on Sunday, while Wonkette Operatives spotted giant moving trucks outside the residence this morning. We'll get to the bottom of this, after the jump.

The D.C. Fire Department reports:

A small but smoky blaze on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory brought a box and working fire dispatch to the scene on Sunday, November 26.

Firefighters arrived at a laboratory building on the sprawling property at 3400 Massachusetts Avenue N.W. to find the structure charged with smoke. They quickly located and extinguished a fire that was burning in the ceiling near the front entrance.

The incident took place a short distance from the official residence of the Vice President, which is also located within the observatory complex. However, he was not home at the time to witness D.C. Fire and EMS at work.

Interesting, especially considering the Shredder Trucks we've noticed outside the veep residence.

And then there's this curious activity earlier today:

Two full size Atlas moving vans spotted driving inside the Naval Observatory on the West side service road. Today at 9:45. No word on if Cheney is inside. Courtesy of my 2nd floor office that looks directory over the fence.
The same operative sent this cute picture of a little deer right outside the Naval Observatory, proving that "hunting" is available right outside Cheney's door ... if hunting animals was his true passion.

The Florida jaunt marks Cheney's second alleged hunting trip in two weeks; he spent Election Day and the aftermath hiding at some South Dakota hunting lodge.

Shredders, fires, giant moving vans and history's most powerful vice president refusing to set foot in Washington ... sounds like somebody's about to retire for "health reasons."

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