Life Without Alcohol In DC


Arianna Brown, daughter of President Scott Brown, is, yes, only 19 years young. According to her father, she is, or rather CAN be, very, very single. And, if she ever comes to the great District of Columbia, she will have options: There are things, MANY things in fact, to do in this alcohol-ridden town with someone who is under 21. Kosher things. Things that don't involve centerfold shots. SHE'S PRE-MED, PEOPLE.

If you're ever chaperoning your brother/sister/cousin or love child, we promise, life exists in DC for the under 21 set:

  • Music: Lots of venues in DC allow young folks to enter, but be warned, they will be brandished with a large X on their hand and kept far, far away from the bar. Indie rock haven The Black Cat allows youngsters to attend their shows, as does the 9:30 Club (tickets are still available for Sunday's Thievery Corporation show, BTW), Blues Alley, and Jammin Java. [The Black Cat, 9:30 Club, Blues Alley, and Jammin Java]
  • Games: Bowling is a great PG activity (though we'll admit that it's much more fun while inebriated) and Lucky Strike in Chinatown allows the under 21 crowd to bowl daily until 7PM.  H Street Country club lets them play mini-golf on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, but only if accompanied by a parent or guardian. And Comet Ping Pong, where there's music, ping pong, and delicious pizza, is also an all-ages-welcome venue. [Lucky Strike, H Street Country Club, Comet Ping Pong]
  • Ice Skating: The ice rink at the Sculpture Garden is an all-ages spot and even offers a discount to students. It will be open until mid-March. [Sculpture Garden Ice Skating Rink]
  • Plays: Culture in DC is not necessarily reserved for the older folks, but it can be rather cost-prohibitive. Have no fear; it's why they invented 'pay-what-you-can performances' and student discounts. Venues to check out include the Kennedy Center, Woolly Mammoth Theater Company, and Theater J -- although the crowd there is mostly old, bald men. [Kennedy Center, Woolly Mammoth Theater Company, and Theater J]
  • Late Night Eats: Just because the youngins aren't stumbling from a bar to Ben's Chili Bowl doesn't mean that they can't indulge in late night eats. In addition to Ben's, The Diner and Afterwords Cafe are both good all-ages late night food spots. [Ben's Chili Bowl, The Diner, Afterwords Cafe]
  • Random Crap: And thankfully, there are tons of random things that under 21 kids can indulge in including painting things at All Fired Up!, shopping at one of the thousand boutiques on 14th Street, laughing at the DC Improv (if they're at least 18, that is), attempting to learn to cook at Hill's Kitchen or checking out a film at the ever-so-cool Uptown Theater. [All Fired Up!, DC Improv, Hill's Kitchen, Uptown Theater]

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