Lightning Round! Liveblogging the Jabbering Old Nuts

Rudy McRomneyson! - WonketteMore, more, more!

We've got more hot liveblogging action from this greatest of all political debates in the history of this greatest of great nations, America, after the jump.

8:10 -- New post, bitches!

8:09 -- BRB, need booze.

8:08 -- Who calls it "half time," deranged undead muppet Larry King?


8:07 -- Mitt Romney will also not answer the question.

8:06 -- Rudy is fumed about Scooter's sentence! Rudy is a lawyer!

8:05 -- Duncan wants the Reagan Democrats back. But the "Reagan Democrats" probably have realized those jobs they were promised back in 1980 probably aren't actually going to show up.

8:03 -- Huckabee knows the government "bungled Katrina." Some of those people survived!

8:02 -- Tancredo is lying again about not having to do anything with Dubya.

8:02 -- Brownback only approves of G.H.W.B.'s tsunami charity work, not Bill Clinton's.

8:01 -- Tommy Thompson would totally force George W. Bush to go out and give lectures apologizing for all the shit he fucked up around the world.

8:00 -- The U.S. military is wonderful! Hooray for McCain! He also relies on these brave leaderships, change nothing, time of war, my friends, policy, convinced, maintain greatest military, my friends, WALNUTS!

7:59 -- New cop-out response: "This is not the time to change policy in a time of war."

7:58 -- But Giuliani does support the NAMBLA hybrid-robot army or something.

7:57 -- Rudy supports gay Islamo-Fascists.

7:56 -- Hey libtards, are you doing any "disruptive" sex of the homo or hetero variety? Well maybe Ron Paul is not your best-ever candidate.

7:54 -- Jim Gilmore believes ... Kyoto something?

7:54 -- Ron Paul can't discuss energy without discussing our foreign policy.

7:52 -- McCain: "Nuclear power is green ... er, nuclear power isn't a greenhouse gas." This was his answer to "Is the GOP too close to Big Oil?"

7:51 -- Mitt also sure walks around that Big Oil/Republicans question. And remember, this guy is worth $350 million dollars.

7:50 -- Mitt also wants to send Rudy to the Moon.

7:49 -- Giuliani should bring little smoke bombs to these debates and set them off under his lectern, to remind people that one day long ago he stood around the WTC pit.

7:48 -- Is that Fred Thompson in the audience? Or did an old lumberjack run inside to escape the lightning?

7:47 -- Come on, Mitt, say it ... SAY THAT JESUS LIVED IN NORTH AMERICA!

7:47 -- Wait, there are people who won't shake hands with a Mormon?

7:46 -- Brownback doesn't really believe in the Bible, either. Why all the hatin' on God Almighty?

7:43 -- Huckabee is actually pretty good evidence that all of this is an accident. He also is pissing off the bible nuts right now by going for the "intelligent design" cop-out. So, Huck believes in the first part of the Genesis story, but he doesn't know what he believes, otherwise. MIKE HUCKABEE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE.

7:42 -- L. Ron Romney just muttered some new-agey future bullshit to defend abortion or something.

7:41 -- Let's see if Mitt's god has the power of lightning.

7:40 -- Ha ha, God is personally going to electrocute Rudy!!!

7:39 -- Tommy Thompson hopes for a jump in the polls due to Fred Thompson confusion.

7:37 -- We are going to kick Walnuts in the cunt if he says "My Friends" again.

7:36 -- John McCain will not take the Indians' right to speak Navajo.

7:35 -- Ron Paul is going to solve illegal immigration by ... not making illegal aliens the scapegoat.


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