Like A Good Neighbor, Bill Clinton Is There

Romney puts his foot in his mouth, Amazon and Apple get dirty, and China hates Kanye West. What else is new?

  • Romney creates an app that misspells America. He just makes it so easy, doesn't he? [Mashable]
  • Amazon and Apple have the "dirtiest" "clouds," according to Greenpeace. The more the world changes, the more it stays the same. [Washington Post]
  • China is cracking down on its bloggers -- usually consisting of rights advocates and rebel artists -- in new and exciting ways. Meanwhile, in our country, the president tweets regularly -- and it always sort of looks like the guy sitting across him from is going "and now you click the button where it says 'tweet,' sir." [Slate]
  • Here is an article on what great neighbors the Clintons make in their town of Chappaqua, New York. Yes, it must be nice to have famous, rich people in your town -- probably especially Bill, we don't know, read the story! (But don't you think it's probably especially Bill?) [New York Times]

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