Like There Is Anything But a Submissive Dem

Craigslist posting of the day, if not the year:

Anyone up for some political sex play?

I'm a very good looking and intelligent white male looking for a Republican couple to dominate and humiliate me. Make me blow him while you tell me what a bunch of losers Democrats are. Make me clean her up after you're done with her while she tells me how much better Republicans are in the sack.

I'm picky about who I play with and I expect you to be too. I'm very good looking, discreet, STD/HIV free, non-smoker, down to earth, and I'm for real -- YOU BE THE SAME.

I will provide pictures and further description once I know you're for real. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Male/Female couples only please -- and please be real Republicans. Phonies and trolls will be ignored.

You may think it's sick, but we're sort of turned on. Look, we've been getting fucked by Republicans for four years. Might as well take it some place beyond demolishing Social Security and curtailing our civil rights.

More seriously: It's good to see Harry Reid getting a head start on the job.

Sub Democrat seeks Dom Republican Couple for fun and games - m4mw - 38 [craigslist]


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