Lil' Hurricane Bill Will Romance Jamaican Ladies In Newest Diplomatic Effort

  • Healthcare co-ops: Liberals hate 'em, conservatives don't like 'em, most people don't know what they are, and virtually nobody loves 'em. This is why they're such a fabulous compromise. [New York Times]
  • Russia blamed the disappearance of the cargo ship Arctic Sea on PIRATES, of the non-Somali variety. [New York Times]
  • An explosion at a power plant in Siberia has left 64 workers trapped and presumed dead. [BBC News]
  • Three people were charged with stealing 130 million credit card numbers; to be fair to the ringleader, even the prosecutor noted he “worked very, very hard at something he was very good at.” Huzzah for a strong work ethic! [Bloomberg]
  • It's hurricane season, and a baby hurricane called Bill is nearing the West Indies. [CNN]
  • The Swiss bank UBS will hand over to the US the names of 5000 American clients suspected of tax fraud, causing a collective anxious pants-wetting of some of our nation's wealthiest citizens. [Reuters]

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