Li'l Scandal Roundup: Cold November Rain

We'll stop when they stop.

* You loved Jim Gibbons for October scandals such as "Drunken Sexual Assault" and "Hide the Illegals In the Basement." But all Gibbons offers this week is the less sensational scandal of giving millions of dollars worth of no-bid federal contracts to his friend's business, while said friend lavished unreported gifts upon Gibbons. [Reno Gazette Journal]

* Meanwhile, Gibbons' fellow congressman Jon Porter (R-Nevada) has his own very little scandal. Again with the campaigning when you're supposed to be working. But if Tom DeLay is ever found guilty, Porter will totally give back that $25,000. Or, uhm, donate it to a charity, or something. [KVBC TV]

* Former U.S. Attorney Sam Currin (Republican, Jesse Helms' protege) pled guilty today to three federal charges of conspiracy and money laundering. [News Observer]

* Strangling Don Sherwood paid his mistress $500,000 to shut up about the strangling. She won't get the second payment until after the election. [Associated Press]

* Criminal charges against George Allen are "unlikely," because he has goons to do his assaults for him. [Daily Progress]

* Scandals, scandals, scandals! They might screw up the whole election or something! [Washington Post]


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