Lindsey Graham Is Tired And Weird And Lying


[youtube expand=1]

Hmm, it seems like Lindsey Graham is pretty gay for Sonia Sotomayor, but he just doesn't know how to say it! So strange, this questioning of Bush's own failed Affirmative Action hire, Linda Chavez. She tries to run with the standard argument that okay, maybe SOMETIMES the Republicans may look at race as a factor in appointments, like with Alberto Gonzales or... Linda Chavez... but IT IS THE DEMOCRATS WHO PICK SOLELY ON RACE while ignoring such glaring red flags as stupidity and casual Nazism. But then Lindsey lays it all out and just says, okay, shut up time for Linda Chavez, we are all affirmative action whores with these appointments, enough with this. Thanks a lot, "Grahamnesty." [YouTube, Washington Independent]


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