Lionz Eating Babiez And Other Museumy Stuff
  • Wednesday, March 4: The ambassadors of nine very tiny countries (including countries you didn't even know were countries such as Malta, Liechtenstein and Monaco) will be coming together and reading poetry from their homeland in English and their quaint native tongues. The theme of this year's Small Nations Poetry Reading is the environment -- how do you say "cap-and-trade" in Icelandic again? 7PM at the National Geographic Building, $18. [Smithsonian]
  • Friday, March 6: The Reyes and Davis Gallery is hosting an opening reception for Colorado artist, Johanna Mueller, in light of her exhibition, "Creature Alterations, Myth & Transformations." Her etched drawings are nightmarish and otherworldly, especially the drawing of the lion with the babies spewing out of its mouth. 6:30PM. [Reyes + Davis]
  • Saturday, March 7: Find out how Arabs are portrayed in the media at the Newseum's discussion of director Sulayman Al-Bassam's adaptation of Richard III: An Arab Tragedy (which will be performed on Friday, Mar. 6 at the Kennedy Center). [Newseum]
  • Sunday, March 8: The National Gallery of Art is screening Cruel Story of Youth, a 1960s Japanese new wave film about a two reckless teens who fall in love and live life on the Edge until the edginess tragically wears off. 4:30PM at the East Building Concourse Auditorium. [NGA]

  • "Soul Rebel: An Intimate Portrait of Bob Marley," a collection of photographs taken by world-renowned photojournalist David Burnett, is on display at the Govinda Gallery. You'd think that there would be more to Marley's life than sleeping, playing music and smoking fat spliffs, but from the looks of his photos, that's pretty much it. Until March 28. [Govinda]

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