Lisa Murkowski FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE!!!!! (Not Literally)

  • Team Wonkette all went to bed last night before the returns from America's Icebox came in, so they didn't have time to report the SHOCKING ANTI-INCUMBENT NEWS that hated creep Lisa Murkowski may well be defeated by the immaculately stubbled, Tim James campaign ad-imitating Joe Miller in the Republican primary! Miller is up by 4 percentage points with 77 percent of the vote counted. He didn't have a lot of money to spend, but he did have Sarah Palin's endorsement, which is more valuable than a treasure chest full of Spanish doubloons. [WP]
  • Speaking of creeps, child kidnapper Ben Quayle will be bringing his unsettling, affectless stylings to the general election, as he won a crowded GOP primary in Arizona's third congressional district. "Quayle made a brief appearance at Republican headquarters in Phoenix late Tuesday, making a quick statement and then quickly leaving the room as reporters shouted questions," obviously. [AP]
  • In normal political discourse as has existed for more than two centuries, someone who wants to replace a monarchical system of government with a republic that has an elected head of state is called a "republican." However, some people in Sweden who want to get rid of their king are thinking of picking a different name, because they are afraid of being mistaken for supporters of dumb slobs John McCain and Sarah Palin. [NYT]
  • The weather in Martha's Vineyard is too crappy to play golf, so Barack Obama has been forced to read a book for entertainment. [WP]

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