Listen To A Bunch Of Idiots On San Antonio Councilwoman's Staff Try To Figure Out: What Makes A Gay?


San Antonio Councilwoman Elisa Chan just does not understand these disgusting teh gheyz and their gay sex in the butt and why they should adopt the children and other things, because seeing two women kissing confuses the childrens and is against nature, whatever. But she does not want to beat up on teh gheyz, so she hopes her staff will help her throw in some confusion into the issue of a nondiscrimination ordinance so that she does not have to state in front of other people how disgusting she finds the homosexing. Cool cool, that's cool.

What is fascinating about this secret audio recording of her staff meeting though -- taken by James Stevens, a now-former staffer, and broken by MySanAntonio -- is listening to all these idiots try to figure out: What makes a gay? You can hear some younger staffers try valiantly to sexplain about "biology," and "science," and other staffers bein' all hey what now howdy gays are turned gays by their mommas and their Scout Masters, and it is like getting a backstage pass into the Befuddlement of the Wingnut-American Mind.

[MySanAntonio, via Wonket pal "Hernan"]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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