Little Kids Ask Rice Hard-Hitting Questions

After spending a couple days being a terrible diplomat at the UN, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice swung by to a grade school in Harlem to answer a couple of the questions our terrible "main-stream media" won't ask her. Like, how does she even sleep with what she's done? The answer: pretty good, all things considered.

Condi apparently sleeps for 6.5 hours a night, which is a weird answer to give, to little kids or not. The kids also asked her how it feels to run the State department during one of the most embarrassing and shameful periods in its long history, in an administration ruled by a former Secretary of Defense with nothing but contempt for the entire concept of diplomacy:

The children at New York's Public School No. 154, the Harriet Tubman Learning Center, were decidedly direct in dealing with the top U.S. diplomat, peppering her with questions including how it felt "to be a lady with such a powerful job."

"Sometimes you don't feel all that powerful," Rice said ruefully.

The kids also reflected on the sorry police state they've inherited from their worthless parents.

"Her security might kill me if I ask one question or come two feet near her," said 10-year-old fifth grader Miles Figaro.

Condi, of course, allowed the child to come close enough for an awkward hug. This isn't Iraq, little boy! You'll get your taste of that in eight years!

Rice Questioned About Her Sleep, Fears, and Dreams [Reuters]


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