Little Rat

* Monica Goodling has never been told to "stop stichin'," she doesn't even know what it means. [WP, NYT, LAT]

* Trent Lott: the obvious choice for Immigration bill mouthpiece. [NYT]

* Michael Chertoff: the Robin to Trent's Batman. [USAT]

* MoveOn vows to launch a furious blogging assault on Democrats who vote for the Iraq funding bill. [WP]

* Hillary Clinton forced to read, "it's not heaven, it's Iowa" dialogue to appease voters with a high tolerance for pandering. [WP, NYT]

* Bill Richardson is now officially the "Hispanic Hopeful." [NYT]

* Democratic congress still making sausages. [WP]

* "U.S. annoyed by U.N., Iran, Uranium." [NYT, LAT]

* May Dick Cheney's grand-spawn have a life in which he is featured in newspapers only at birth and death. [WP, AP, LAT]


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