Live-Blogging Jim Webb's Football-Free Speech

Actually a communist. - Wonkette4:40: Veterans, veterans, veterans.

4:41: Allen was "very gracious."

4:42: Lunches for everybody! Allen and Webb to have lunch next week.

4:43: Now he wants to stop nasty political attacks.

4:44: Webb wants Dubya to "publicly denounce" brutal campaign tactics.

4:45: Christ, he's all serious about this stuff, isn't he?

4:46: CNN cuts him off, because he's talking shit about rich corporations vs. people with no money.

4:47: Fox cut him off, obviously.

4:48: And now Tucker Carlson cuts him off.

4:49: Real classy, Cable News Tools.

4:50: It's not on either C-SPAN channel, either.

Son of a bitch .... With Webb's win, the biggest shift in U.S. politics since 1994 -- maybe since 1980 -- just became official, and they wouldn't let the dude talk for more than six minutes? With no other news in Washington beyond Webb's victory taking the Senate from the Republicans. Nice.


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