Live-Blogging Macaca's Final Speech

3:09: He finally comes out, no football in sight.

3:10: John Warner doing long, stiff intro.

3:12: Okay, no surprises. You don't have a long-ass obit-style introduction unless you're gonna concede.

3:13: OMG he brought the fucking football! And "threw a pass" to somebody. Jesus!

3:15: Did he just refer to the "Macaca National Committee"?

3:16: The Bible told him to give up and congratulate Jim Webb.

3:17: He got a lot of macacas off welfare.

3:18: Recount ... why no recount? "I'm aware I have the legal right to ask for a recount ... could drag on all the way till Christmas ... I do not wish to cause more rancor ... would not alter the results ... no good purpose being served by continuously and needlessly spending money and causing more personal animosity ...."

3:19: Fight another day, etc.

3:20: He's going to become an American citizen in January. Welcome to America, Macaca!

3:21: "Teammates" ... does he really believe he's on a secret football team? Does anyone realize he has never coached nor played pro or college football in any way? [Update: Yes, he played without distinction for UVA. But UVA sucked hard, so we stand by this statement.]

3:23: Actually a gracious speech, and it sounded sincere. Nice to show a little class, we like.

3:24: Well, that's it. Dems somehow managed to take the House and the Senate. Good god ....


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