Live Blogging the Bush Press Conference: Not Losing Social Security Debate, Really

10:15 Bush looks nervous. He loves FDR. (Don't tell Franken.)

10:16 "Making progress" in Soc Sec reform, by Iraq definition of making progress. Actually, things going better there.

10:17 "I urge members to talk aboiut solutions I am not brave enough to make. Urge them to talk to constituents maybe they'll do better job than i have."But hey, he is "enjoying myself on these trips." Raids mini bar withoutguilt

10:18 Ah, the Italian question. David Gregory shirt confusing t.v.

10:19 "He wanted me to know that there was little change in his policy." Except for the pulling out part

10:20 "You'll find countries anxious to get out when iraq can defend itself." Yes. Also anxious to get out before that. And some countries so anxious to get out they never went.

10:22 "Lemme just come to the history right quick." He's so adorably folksy. It makes it less scary when he says going to invade

10:25 Bush: "personal accounts do not solve the issue" How long do we give the dems before that quote shows up in mass e-mail?

10:26 10...9.....8....

10:27 Huh. Not here. No WONDER they keep losing.

10:27 "We're open to new ideas." They're open to not having Soc Sec go down in flames.

10:28 Roberts' hair looks better now. It's puffy tho. Could hold it's own conference.

10:32 Rendition "doesn't bother me at all." Yeah, not like he has to watch.

10:33 Wolfowitz to World Bank after being architect "one of the most unpopular wars in our history," she says. Curious who did polling on that. Civil War also not so popular, but mostly in the South.

10:34 Delay question. Bush giving Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Wow. No wiggle room on that. Does the WH know something about investigations we don't? Like, it was really Delay's evil twin changing his vote, taking bribes, and funneling illegal contributions? Perhaps they're changing stance on therapeutic cloning.

10:38 Cameron with the judicial question. I just want Bush to use the term "nuclear option."

10:39 More Soc Sec. Ah. In Washignton, "they poll everything." No wonder they walk funny.

10:39 "The one i read said they like personal accounts." Personal accounts not the problem, of course. According to WP, Bush talking about reform is the problem.

10:40 "Candor: whatever that means." No comment.

10:46 Interesting interpretation of Hezbollah's platform: "Vote for me I look forward to blowing up America." I think that was an early Kerry-Edwards slogan. Oh, and wait, the opposition's platform is "fixing pot holes"? I think the campaigns are speaking past each other.

10:49 Bush does not mind if press "occasionally lays out the gentle criticism." Just don't ask about mistakes.

10:49 Also, "ou wouldn't be doing your job if you didn't ask the question the GOP gave you."

10:50 Mocks those who might go around Oval Office thinking about issues, also "Asking different portraits!" Wait: Is he really referencing that SNL Kissinger/Nixon sketch?

10:56 Good question on video news releases. Bush not bothered. Perhaps better question would be "in a tight budget is this a really something we want to pay for?"

11:02 Dude! "Modernizing this room." Hey, it's not the news cycle that's never ending, it's starting and ending every ten seconds.

11:03 Heh, "very little oxygen in this room." Yes, well lots of hot air.

11:04 "Happy Easter to all" he says. Except to the Jews who don't celebrate it.


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