Live Blogging the Daily News Briefing

There's some reason we're paying attention to the White House daily briefing today, now what was it....

12:56 President at National Defense University "to update american people" on war on terror. Yes, Soc Sec reform not going well, so... 9/11, everyone. When all goes wrong talk about 9/11 response. End tyrany: support private accounts.

12:59 Scotty doesn't want to pre empt Rice announcement-- wouldn't want to MAKE NEWS at news briefing.

1:00 Malveaux question... looking at briefing book... looking at notes.

1:02 We suggest, for those playing at home, using "strategy" as your McClellan drinking game word. For "on the march," chug.

1:04 Also good for a three-martini lunch: "seek to do us harm."

1:04 Our new strategy for bin Ladin, April, is to catch him.

1:05 Bush speech at NDU gonna be an endzone dance, totally waving ass in air to Europe. 9/11 --> middle east democracy --> personal accounts. Wait: FREEDOM accounts!

Liveblogging continues after jump.

1:05 President "will never forget 9/11." Well, yes, It is what allowed him to invade Iraq. And now invade social security.

1:06 April totally wrong, not "new strategy" on bin Laden. A "new way of looking at things." SO different. Still committed to original strategy of not catching him.

1:07 Pretty boy Moran now, with the renditions question. Scotty: We're anti-torture. Except when other countries do it on our behalf.

1:09 What the fuck is Moran's obsession with Uzbeckistan? Totally giving Scott and out, making it a specific case.

1:10 Omg. STILL doing it. Just ask general question! Stop giving Scott a, ahem, back door out. He'll just stick a glowstick in and tell you to be on your way....

1:11: ABC doing story on Uzbekistan tonight.

1:12 Ah, Soc Sec is a loser issue. Totally. Frist holding big L on forehead. Scott asks us to look at "the individuals who have run and won" on the 2. Clinton was one of them tho.

We interrupt this liveblogging to bring you live-IM-ing of briefing:

(1:18:07) Wonkette Operative #1: Chief actuary!

(1:18:10) Wonkette: heh

(1:18:18) Wonkette Operative #1: oh boy

(1:18:21) Wonkette Operative #1: scott lost

(1:20:13) Wonkette Operative #1: Carl from Fox

(1:20:25) Wonkette Operative #1: neutral on everything Carl

(1:20:30) Wonkette Operative #1: including plan to make squirrels

(1:20:32) Wonkette Operative #1: make money

(1:20:34) Wonkette Operative #1: to give to seniors

(1:20:54) Wonkette Operative #1: we only negotiate with ourselves home alone late at night.

(1:20:56) Wonkette: squirrels turning generators to create clean energy and will collect nuts for seniors

(1:21:32) Wonkette: this is so boring

(1:21:40) Wonkette Operative #1: yes

(1:21:41) Wonkette: liveblogging almost makes it interesting

(1:21:45) Wonkette Operative #1: almost

(1:21:50) Wonkette Operative #1: but only to make fun of it.

(1:21:52) Wonkette: too bad if you were a blogger you couldn't live blog while there

1:22 Goyle want to know what happens if young person becomes a multi-millionare through private accounts. Well, becoming multimillionaire on 4% should get you Nobel Prize.

1:23 Scott not going to correct assumption you can invest in individual stocks. Admin wishes they thought of this themselves. LOVES idea of jackpot social security.

1:24 As for Syria: we're going to bomb them or force them to get private accounts.

1:25 We need to see Syria act, says Scotty. I see them in a buddy picture, with Chris Rock, maybe...

1:26 HELEN! Bush issued new orders about checkpoints? A little, uhm, under his pay grade. Helen crazy, issue depressing... let's mock Scott more...

1:29 Is that Ali G? THAT is someone i'd like to see in the briefing. Also would like to see Elvis.

1:30 Can we get assurances that other countries won't torutre? WE CAN'T EVEN GET ASSURANCES FROM OUR OWN FUCKING COUNTRY.

1:31 Not sure why Scotty would use "things have changed" argument to defend renditions, unless those renditions are harder and meaner.

1:32 Isn't rendering also term for like, curing meat? Just asking.

1:33 Why a Bush speech now? Bush giving speech now because because soc sec issue stinking up room. 9/11 allows everyone to wave flags and play country songs.

1:37 Carl Cameron helpful in providing Scotty opportunity to repeat self.

1:38 Yay, done! I feel like we missed something though... I wonder what it could be....


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