Live-Blogging the Dan's Last Broadcast

Dan Rather's last day. The least we could do was live-blog. Except maybe not doing anything.

6:30: He's talking slower than usual, wants to drag it out. Courage, dude.

6:31: Can you feel the magic?

6:33: When he said "Thank you," do you think he meant more than "thank you"? Do you think he meant, "I'm about to cry"?

6:34: Bankruptcy story: Hey, if this is CBS, moral bankruptcy, you mean!

6:35: "Let's get a read on this from John Roberts, who wants my job."


Wonkette operative: "John Roberts is terrible!"

Wonkette: "You haven't see him before?"

WO: "Well, I never watch CBS. It's a fucking train wreck."

6:37: Talking about Iraq casualties. Like his career. Sort of. I'm stretching. This is thin material. Like his career.

6:41: Rain can't keep Clinton from an "appointed round of golf'? Is this an accomplishment? Are people depending on this round of golf?

6:42: The tone of his voice is all wrong, I swear. Sllllooooow. The vocal equivalent of putting fingernails into the floorboards as they drag you out.

6:46: Gosh, this is a train wreck.

6:48: Michael Jackson, cyanide candy, and the Pope each get a sentence. I love this country's media.

6:52: All about "the stories 'we' covered." Nice. Can you spread the blame, too?

6:55: If you're going to go out, go out with the story that no one can tell badly.

6:57: The slow pan in, like the camera is going to kiss him.

6:58: Well, he has thoughts for just about anyone who has every had anything bad happen to them. Except for that asshole at the Abilene Kinko's. Fuck him.


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