Live-Blogging the Presidential News Conference

10:02 Bush starts reading before he gets behind podium. Clearly would rather be elsewhere. Rather be being interviewed by Dan Rather.

10:03 Iraqi freedom will require "commitment of generations," i.e., "We will be drafting your grandchildren."

10:04 "There has been enormous sacrifice by some of our citizens." No one i know, of course, but my staff has informed me that is the case.

10:05 Oooo, nice tie on David Gregory.

10:05 Terrorists: no positive agenda. Kind of like democrats

10:07 "The fact that they're voting in itself is successful." That "whoosh" you hear? The sound of the bar lowering. Next: "The fact that ballots are printed."

10:09 Terry Moran knows his Jordanian penal code. Question on crushing of dissent by American ally! Does the president see a contradiction? Clearly, Terry Moran is an enemy of freedom.

10:10 Yet, president thrown. Allowing a followup.

10:12 Really liking Gregory's shirt. Pink? Peach? And checked! Very secure in his masculinity.

10:15 How many people have to die before "the world is safer without Saddam...." starts to sound hollow?

11:16 "When americans see Iraqis standing up and fighting," they're be relieved alright. Relieved because then we can leave.

10:17 Ah. The Japan comparison. Not sure that's super relevant or comforting. First, we were there seven years. Second: we dropped TWO NUCLEAR WEAPONS on them. Of course they were willing to cooperate. They were glowing.

10:18 Huh. Not mentioning private accounts in re: Soc. Sec. But whatever. It's all "dictated by math." Does that mean we have to invade math?

10:20 "Third rail of politics means you touch it and you die." Ah. see I thought it was a euphamsism for large penis.

10:22 David Sanger doing Moran one better: Is liberty first issue countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Russia should be thinking about?

10:23 Oh, well, if he's "constantly reminding" them about liberty, nevermind. America: Like your mom, but about liberty.

10:24 "Our own country is a work in progress." For instance, the gays can vote. Gotta work on that.

10:25 Peter Baker, the WP's new guy. Did he really just ask "what's changed?" Where's Tivo remote? Really? He asked that? And quoted "Foreign Policy" magazine? Way to show off own reading. And, uhm, we think we know the answer to "what's changed." Something about some planes flying into buildings....

10:25 How new is Baker? Needs guy in front of room to remind him: "I'm the president."

10:27 House Ways and Means "Dead Horse" Chairman, Thomas is "thinking creatively" -- which means we're sending him to Guantanamo.

10:31 He's gong to to "continue speaking directly to the American people." In other words, not to press.

10:32 Oops: Dow gone down 18 points during presser.

10:34 But he's turned corner... more in control. They're giggling.

10:38 Someone asking about Bush's ability to communicate with those so thoroughly "divorced from reality." Well, as one of the loony left he's talking about I should set record straight. Not divorced from reality. Just legally separated.

10:39 Dow back up. President in command!

10:40 Wow....37 minutes... What have they done with the real President Bush?!?

10:42 BRAIN FREEZE. Real Bush back.

10:44 The firmly planted the flag of liberty! Hey, is that a firmly planted flag of liberty in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

10:45 Spanish pronunciation of "coyote." Very authentic. Very "hispanics largest growing minority."

10:47 Is the president a liar? 99 out of 100 senators say no.

The end.

P.S.: Loving Fox's "fair and balanced" coverage starring Fred Barnes and Roger Stone. They're not even pretending anymore...


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