Live from Little Rock, II

Wet Wonketteers wonder why the fuck they're there:

"The Ex-Presidents came in without umbrellas. Nice. Bush struts, trying not to be too obvious about wanting to be in front."

"Gore seems remarkably sanguine. His library not so big. Little coat closet off main entrance. Holds plunger and a few old issues of Whole Earth Review."

"I think the rain is shrinking Chelsea's skirt."

TV notes:

Chris Matthews: "Is he more Othello or Falstaff?" (!?!)

If you were to play a drinking game using the word "compartmentalize," you'd be throwing up by now.

Bill was just totally staring straight into the CNN camera. Like, in a sort of spacey, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" way. I want some of his drugs.

More Matthews: "how can he escape the impeachment... that necklace from hell." Yes, it was pearl, if I remember Monica's testimony right.


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