Live From The Tea Party Convention, It's 'Button Gwinnett'


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Nine huzzahs, a bucket of toilet water and a two cartons of Luckies to C-SPAN, for making what appears to be the most comical collection of Tea Party Convention videos thus far -- which really shouldn't be very hard. Here is some Georgia speed freak, bulging eyes and all, dressed like a Scottish person and speaking with a Scottish dialect (but only when he wants to). He is "representing" a dead person named Button Gwinnett, one of Georgia's two signers of the Declaration of Independence, a fact that, until now, only fourth-graders in Georgia had known. Now let's find a Sarah Palin fan!

[youtube expand=1]

Run for your lives.

National Tea Party Convention Attendee from Georgia [YouTube]

National Tea Party Convention Attendee from Orlando, FL [YouTube]


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