Journalism's navel won't gaze at itself! - WonketteFishbowlDC is concluding its "Rising Star" contest. We're not entirely clear on what the contestants were competing for, or what qualifies one as a rising star, but it seems to involve internet polls. And, naturally, massive voter fraud. As can be expected, it quickly became a popularity contest, with someone from something called "Two Mundos Magazine" duking it out with Kara Rowland, an attractive metro reporter from that bastion of respectable journalism, the Washington Times.

As the polls close, it looks like Kara's gonna take it.Kara won! What put her over the edge? Her work on September 11 widows? Her series on utility regulations in Maryland? Sure, that shit's ok, but we think it just might've been the Facebook picture we've attached after the jump.


Rising Star Finalists [FishbowlDC]


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