LIVE: President On-Time McGee Giving Speech On Economy

LIVE: President On-Time McGee Giving Speech On Economy

Joe Biden is going to talk at 1:45 p.m. Eastern time, or another time as he sees fit!

Let's see what the White House says this is going to be about, according to the Punchbowl newsletter:

The President will lay out what's a stake in the fight to ensure that our economy delivers for middle class families, and not only for those at the top. He'll underscore that we've reached an inflection point where we have to choose whether or not we're going to perpetuate an economy where the wealthiest taxpayers and biggest corporations get to play by a set of rules they've written for themselves while middle-class families aren't given a fair shot.

He'll make the case that we simply can't revert to how things were before the pandemic, that we have to Build Back Better and deal everyone in this time as we grow the economy. He'll also argue that we don't need to reduce the cost of being rich in America; we need to lower the cost of raising a child, of prescription drugs, of taking care of an aging parent, of health care, of high-speed internet, and of hearing aids.


OK, well, everybody, 1:45 p.m. Eastern is just a few minutes from now, so don't touch that dial! Or, you know, touch it. Or if you need to do a quick errand, you can, but if he does a surprise and he's on time, that's on you, so ...

Whatever, the video is below.

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