Live Starving Villagers Waiting to Talk To You!

Oh, hey the BBC's got a live online chat going on today. Is it with their political reporters? Sports team?


Oh. Uh, ok.

Q: I work for a charity called Spana and we have been working with the Practical Action group to deliver animal feed to the Mandera region of northern Kenya. [...] We have great problems convincing bigger aid agencies that preserving livelihood assets like goats, donkeys and camels is an important part of emergency relief. Can you tell me just how important they are to your lives so that we can make this argument stronger.

Adan Aliyo: Almost all the cattle are dead. It would have been better to provide cattle feed before the disaster.

Uh... wow. That, uh, that's a bit of a downer.

Russell Smith 1039 local time (0739 GMT / 0839 BST)
Some bad news.

Ibrahim Ali cannot make it because his 19-year-old son died yesterday. He was swept away and drowned in the late morning while returning from school in Kenya during the heavy rains.

Jesus Christ. BBC, has your online team been replaced with existential playwrights or something? And if so, will the Post follow suit?

Arlington, VA.: Hi, all -- I was wondering if you received any good Dave Chappelle sightings while he was in town this week!

Amy Argetsinger: Please, send food. We have no use for money, there is nothing left to buy. Roxanne has been missing since Tuesday. This laptop has only 20 minutes of life remaining, and I fear that I don't have much more.

Ethiopian Villagers Will Answer Your Questions [BBC]


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