Liveblogging Bush's 5:45 P.M. Announcement of Something

We'll start this very special liveblogging 20 minutes early, because Bush is probably going to speak for two minutes, take no questions, and shuffle back to the executive titty-baby room to cry and eat pretzels. REFRESH CONSTANTLY FOR THE NEXT HOUR OR TWO. Or just leave your crazy ideas in the comments.

* Patrick Leahy's dismissal of the Fielding Offer is now official. "Not constructive, not helpful."

* Bill Maher has opinions on the news of the day.


* Oh, he's just repeating the same bullshit.

* Hey, the bookshelf again!

* Ha, he's going to "correct the record."

* Gonzo will testify.

* He's all proud when he pronounces a three-syllable word correctly. Good work, George!

* Oh shit ... he blew it ... "I recognize the importance of having ...." Deer in head klieg lights. Fear, eyes darting wildly.

* Now he's pissed because he screwed up.

* Alberto Gonzales will be Attorney General forever, or until next week.

* It will be "regrettable" if Congress issues subpoenas or has "show trials." Well, no, actually -- show trials would be awesome.

* He "regrets" that firing these U.S. attorneys for pissing off Republicans has led to a "public spectacle."

* Oh hooray, he's answering questions!

* "My choice to to, uh, make sure that I, uh, safeguard .... I'm worried ... uh, duh ...."

* It is wrong to use Klieg Lights on his administration.

* So what about the U.S. attorneys "actively investigating Republicans"?

* Bush supports Al, that's what!

* Bush is sorry this has "bubbled to the surface."

* Bush blames "Washington, D.C." for all these things somehow becoming public knowledge.

* Again with the fucking Klieg Lights!

* That's it -- less than 10 minutes total.

* Lou Dobbs is on! Hey guess what, guys? Lou has heard about a problem regarding ILLEGAL MEXICANS.

* Happy Spring Equinox, Mexicans!


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