Liveblogging Henry Paulson's Address to America

Liveblogging Henry Paulson's Address to America

Oh hey look it's our president, Henry Paulson, finally telling America what he's going to do to make sure everyone isn't so poor anymore. We are a little late to the game here since he started talking a few minutes ago but meh, what the hell, let's give this a look.

10:10 AM -- Oh God there are a lot of acronyms in this fellow's address. More coffee please!

10:11 AM -- On MNSBC they are showing the most terrible images next to old Paulson at his podium. Tragic Dow numbers, abandoned stucco mansions with a million foreclosure signs outside, traders wandering aimlessly around Wall Street...Yay, now he's taking questions!

10:12 AM -- Congratulations, taxpayers! You are now the proud owners of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of bad debt, courtesy of various banks and lenders. Oh Jesus Paulson just RAN off the stage.

10:14 AM -- Ha ha, well, that was brief but terrifying! Mika Brzezinski informs us that President Bush will be speaking in half an hour, which we will probably also liveblog, for "fun."


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