Liveblogging Hillary's Incredible Victory Speech From N.H.

11:07 PM -- Uh oh, Hillary has "come here tonight with a very full heart."

11:08 PM -- "I found my own voice." Well, at 60 years old you finally decided on a persona? High five, fraudbot.

11:08 PM -- We are kind of scared to type too much mean stuff about her, because you know she's going to use those Halliburton Concentration Camps.

11:09 PM -- Listen to the applause from the young people who "can't afford to go to college and pursue their dreams."

11:10 PM -- Oil companies, drug companies, insurance companies ... you could just say, "My major donors."

11:14 PM -- I just took a Vicodin.

11:16 PM -- New Persona Softer Voice is breaking down, and she's barking again.

11:18 PM -- Sad Moe Tkacik, our Obama-loving comrade over at Jezebel, writes sadly: "I AM SAD."

11:18 PM -- I write back: "Hi moe why are you sad, because yr invisible black boyfriend lost?"


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