Liveblogging, Hour II

Continued from this. Hopefully things will update faster now! As if it really matters...

9:02 -- Welcome! Hopefully now we'll be able to keep up with the commenters. Actually, that's never happened before.

9:05 -- God, I missed all the toy stuff like 10 minutes ago! Oh... oh they're still talking about the toys from China?

9:06 -- Crazy Joe is fucking killer tonight. He's slurring his speech about tainted chickens. And he hasn't even dropped the n-bomb yet!

9:07 -- Thank you, Barry Hussein, for shutting that Beard up. I mean, what about this event could possible be making him so pessimistic?

9:09 -- How could Richardson be president when everytime he says "gas emissions," the world giggles?

9:11 -- They're asking Hillary about the "Piling on," but not as a giggly sex joke. Something about the "gender card." Hillary assures us she is not being raped by six other men.

9:12 -- Hillary just bitchslapped Campbell. It's her first day at CNN, Hills! Don't you remember how you felt your first day at CNN? Exactly.

9:15 -- Commercial Break!>@@!#@!!!!!! Can we make it last the next 45 minutes?

9:20 -- Commentary thus far: While I've been typing mostly, as opposed to actually watching the debate, it sounds like Hillary is doing better this time. Otherwise: Obama -- rattled; Edwards -- tame; Kucinich -- surprisingly very well; Biden -- shitfaced; Dodd -- smarter than everyone else, but fugly; Richardson -- patronizing. Who else is there? Dukakis -- he in this thing?

9:22 -- a word from John Clarke Jr., the editor of a website: "campbell looks tired and preggers....bring on malveaux!" Prayer answered.

9:24 -- Who is this stodgy redhead in the crowd who can't open her fucking mouth? Does she have a disease? I wasn't paying attention. Sorry to her, if she does....

9:27 -- To think, in another life, Ben Johnson could've been this veteran dude. Alas, we must stick with the life we have.

9:29 -- Soldier boy didn't expect this long of an answer! Come on guys, he has to be on a plane to Iran by 11:30.

9:31 -- Finally, a new freaking question. She's a big'un! Aww, she wishes Richardson a happy birthday. There gon be some Big Love in Vegas tonight.

9:34 -- Is Richardson getting more face time than anyone else? Must be some Mexican tradition -- like the sixth-place candidate gets asked all the questions during the 432423th debate of each election cycle.

9:36 -- I meant to ask this half an hour ago: What's with all the Yucca Mountain ballyhoo? Is that near the Mos Eisley cantina?

9:39 -- A hispanic questioner shits all over Lou Dobbs. CNN has yet to take the broadcast off the air though, although I think I see Dobbs in the control room readying his sniper.

9:39 -- Richardson says Congress is less popular than "Dick Cheney and HMOs." I think he meant to say "homos."

9:40 -- Dodd just went on an insane Spanish rant.

9:40 -- Still in shock over Dodd's Spanish rant.

9:41 -- Have concluded that Dodd is Guatemalan.

9:43 -- Sp-sp-spit it out lady! You want Social Security and Medicare to last? We'll tell you right now, it will not cover speech therapy. So. STFU.

9:47 -- Is it too much to ask them to stand up the whole time? This up-down-up-down crap is getting on my nerves.

9:48 -- Look at Hillary, staring daggers at Obama. And Obama's getting booed! Barry... this just isn't your night. Stop with the crying though, for Christ's sake.

9:51 -- Commercial break, for Obama to change the pants he just crapped in. But who can blame him? Those Clinton death eyes have killed many kittehs in their day.

9:55 -- New thought: Joe Biden = Jimmy Cahn? Does he want on Miss Suzahhhnne?

9:57 -- Apologies for the last bit.

9:59 -- It's 9:59!

9:59 -- Hillary won't make being pro-choice a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees, but she will look with a discriminating eye at "privacy" views. So that's a great answer, Hillary.

10:01 -- Isn't this supposed to be over?

10:01 -- UNLV political science student, asking a question: ""Nothing seems to be getting better in the Middle East, it only seems to be getting worse." Good education they offer there, at UNLV.

10:04 -- Did Hillary just refer to certain people as "rurals" and "urbans"? Or is the first manifestation of my insanity that I'm imagining the letter "s"?

10:08 -- Hottie questioner! And that's not misogynistic (sp?), because she got cat calls in the audience, so it's like... reporting....

10:09 -- OVER. Confetti. Time to go and buy out a liquor store.

That's it for my first liveblogging try here at Wonkette. The first 15 minutes were strangely exciting, and we'll have plenty of fallout to cover tomorrow. Or we'll just post more Paultard e-mails....


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