Still Liveblogging Obama's Speech About National Security And Thugs

Still Liveblogging Obama's Speech About National Security And Thugs

Somebody on MSNBC said that Obama's speech was ten pages single spaced and this must be true, because this has been going on half an hour and he is just getting started. How does this guy manage to talk at such lengths without a glass of water nearby? Because he is Magic.

11:03 AM -- Well enough about that Guantanamo stuff. Let's talk about the torture memos and prisoner photos.

11:04 AM -- He is trying to strike a balance, y'all, between transparency (memos) and national security (photos) and that is why he will release one and not the other.

11:06 AM -- In sum, when he said "transparency" he did not mean "provide propaganda to be used in a theater of war."

11:09 AM -- A vow to treat other branches of government as coequals, etc. A review of the many ways in which the Obama administration does NOT resemble the Bush administration.

11:12 AM -- "There are those who'd like to re-fight debates that have been settled -- in some cases, debates that they have lost." Hologram Dick Cheney quivers with rage.

11:13 AM -- Hmm Hopey's TelePrompTer appears to have malfunctioned, briefly. Impeach this man immediately.

11:14 AM -- "Honesty, care, and a dose of common sense." Is that really all we need to resolve this question of what to do with detainees who cannot be tried and cannot be released? And a sack of quivering pussies in Congress who are too afraid about getting re-elected to tell their constituents that keeping an accused terrorist in a local prison will not spread the Terrorism AIDS to their communities?

11:16 AM -- This whole speech is about Dick Cheney.

11:17 AM -- Terrorism: Get used to it! (This is a very British attitude.)

Oh God now to the pundit reactions ... Oh but Cheney is waiting to give his speech, so now we have to look at Cheney. COFFEE BREAK. Thank you all for reading.


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