Liveblogging President Bush's Visit to West Virginia (Part 1)

We're still in front of our televisions, after this morning's "suspicious package" scare at the White House. But now we're watching coverage of President Bush's visit to Wheeling, West Virginia, to address military families. He's addressing an audience of around 2,000; the speech started around 12:15 PM. The audience seems friendly and laughs readily at his warm-up jokes.

12:30 PM: Prepared remarks from Bush. Nothing terribly new or exciting here. Lessons of September 11. Some people have forgotten those lessons, "and that's fine"; but it's my job to remember them. Women oppressed in Iraq, freedom good, stand up/stand down, etc.

12:35 PM: Bush comments on the high percentage of West Virginia residents who voluntarily join the armed forces. Insert bicoastal elitist joke about West Virginia economy here.

12:36 PM: "I like Hamid Karzai, he's a good guy." This isn't exactly news, but the folksiness of the president never ceases to amaze us.

12:42 PM: "I've been in contact with General Casey via video... conferencing?" Why so hesitant and tentative? Bush knows all about videoconferencing, which he uses frequently -- e.g., Katrina video.

12:45 PM: Gosh, this is one big rehash; time to go reheat that pizza from last night. We'll start paying more attention once the Q-and-A starts.


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