Liveblogging President Bush's Visit to West Virginia (Part 2)

george w bush in west virginia.jpgCoverage of President Bush's West Virginia appearance (continued from this prior post):

12:58 PM: Q-and-A has started. Can't really hear the first question; sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher. Don't these people get mikes?

12:59 PM: Okay, now they're giving people mikes.

1:06 PM: A question about alternative sources of energy -- a total softball given that we're in West Virginia. Bush launches into a paean to coal. Discusses "gasification" and "liquefaction" of coal. Makes self-deprecating joke about being a history major -- it goes over well.

1:08 PM: Unintentionally amusing reflections on "sawgrass": "It's just, like, grass, it grows." He's talking about grass -- this may be a subject he knows something about.

1:10 PM: Tough question from a kid -- playing hooky? -- about the United States's differing treatment of Indian and Iranian nuclear programs. Kid tries to interrupt Bush with a follow-up, a la Helen Thomas; Bush pulls a Dr. Evil-style "zip it" and shuts the little punk down. Yeah, we kinda enjoyed that...

1:12 PM: National Guard recruiter asks President Bush to talk about why young men and women should join the armed forces. And you thought the alternative energy question was a softball!

1:13 PM: "De Tocqueville, he's a French guy, visited us in the 1830s..."

The play-by-play continues after the jump.

1:14 PM: "Prophesize"? Appears he meant "proselytize."

1:18 PM: Question: "Do you like living in the White House?" Oh, c'mon, people! Didn't you watch the interview by Elizabeth Vargas?

Answer: "I like living in the White House. I have a 45-second commute from my home to my office." Funny, so do we!

1:22 PM: Questioner rails against MSM's refusal to convey good news about Iraq. Thunderous applause. Wow, this is turning into a real circle jerk! Bush responds with a shout-out to blogs. He works from home, and now he likes blogs -- President Bush is growing on us!

1:32 PM: This is the second-to-last question, per Bush. Question re: cheap steel imports undermining American steel industry. Some fumbling. Talks about energy and "junk lawsuits." Huh? Can't get around the fact that he's a free trader. Talk about an inartful dodge!

1:34 PM: Final question -- a somewhat muddled inquiry about what people dissatisfied with the status quo should do. Bush basically says, "trust me," followed by ramblings about voter turnout and ethics in government.

Interesting... Bush's appearance earlier this week in Cleveland, before a less welcoming audience, might have been better than this one. Perhaps his horoscope was right -- maybe he needs obstacles or opposition to do his best work?

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