Liveblogging Sarah Palin Reading Her Dumb Notes, Part III


This is our Part III, of this painful debate between Gwen Ifill and Joe Biden. Meanwhile, sprightly snow clown Sarah Palin is reciting notes and folkisms from her podium. It is weird. Whether it's weirder than any other part of this freak two-year-long presidential campaign, we won't know until ... the next freak event. Agh, she can't pronounce "nuclear" either. Well, hey, ourpre-liveblog is here, our Part I liveblog is here, our Part II liveblog is here, and now let's get to drinkin', stoppin' the brains from gettin' confused with our freedoms, our democracies, and etc. Ugh.

10:05 PM -- Sorry, the massive traffic seems to have sunk your Wonkette.

10:06 PM -- Luckily, Palin is just repeating the same stuff from her notes.

10:06 PM -- Palin: "John McCain knows how to win a war." And what war was that, exactly, that he won?

10:07 PM -- Ifill: "How would a Biden presidency differ from an Obama presidency, if McCain killed Obama?"

10:10 PM -- "Coupla mav-racks!" Oh that Sarah. JESUS WHY IS OUR SITE DEAD OH I GUESS IT'S THE TRAFFIC.

10:11 PM -- Oh shut up Sarah Palin: "Oh say it ain't so Joe you talkin' 'bout dog-gone-erit, extra credit...." God what is this.

10:13 PM -- Is it liveblogging if it's not live, and the Wonkette is dead?

10:14 PM -- Good christ, did Palin just say she wanted to AMEND THE CONSTITUTION to give a vice president more powerl?

10:14 PM -- Ugh, Palin just said "John tapped me." That's not going to be a pretty baby.

10:17 PM -- Biden: "Vice President Cheney has been the most dangerous vice president in American history."

10:21 PM -- This would be fun, to liveblog this part, especially Biden's bit just now about his family and being stuck with being a widower and not knowing what the hell to do, etc., and how this Obama administration is going to have actual policies to cover health care and help people who are in the shrinking income class.

10:22 PM -- Palin: "Maverick, change, McCain, maverick."

10:23 PM -- Biden: "Can we talk about this 'maverick' bullshit, please. He is just a Bush follower. He votes against health care for kids, tax cuts for middle class people, he has not been a maverick for anything that affects people sitting around the kitchen table." This is not an exact quote, but it is the gist of it. "Maverick he is not, on the important issues." Yikes. Both the Men & Women wiggly deals on the CNN graph went up up up for that.

10:26 PM -- Can we count how many times she said "John McCain" tonight? Ugh.

10:27 PM -- Argh, still offline. Thanks, people who promised we would not be knocked offline again by a SURGE in page views caused by Palin, as happened on Aug. 29, when Palin was announced as Veep nominee.

10:30 PM -- Palin said something, reading stuff.

10:30 PM -- Biden is saying stuff. Who knows when this blog post will appear. Maybe everyone will be dead by then.

10:33 PM -- All Palin said, teeth clenched, was "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you," and it is over!

10:33 PM -- Quick review: Palin didn't suck terribly, but she wasn't doing a debate. She was reciting some stuff and constantly referring to it, on her podium. She was just vaguely engaged with the actual debate. But other than the dropped g's and such, she survived. Uneven, etc. But she didn't stare dumbly at the camera for 30 seconds.

10:35 PM -- Biden did very well, cool, seemed human, certainly knew his shit, and treated Palin with LOTS of respect, which is the main thing some people were watching for.

10:49 PM -- Oh that is curious, in this Ohio Voter thing on CNN, where this mixed-party crowd overwhelmingly say Obama is going to win, even though only about half of them say they're going to vote for him.

11:22 PM -- CNN polls show Biden winning ... uh, 51%, vs. 21%? Oh it is hard to keep track, of how much she lost. There is a blizzard of poll numbers.


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