Oh good gravy there is a special election event at the world-famous giant suburban church somewhere. Let us pray about our purpose-driven liveblogging, which could happen, IF THE LORD WILZ IT. Oh it's starting maybe, let's find out if it's on teevee, and who will be president of 22,000 bored people in "Lake Forest, California," where there's no lake and no forest.

5:03 PM Pacific Time -- This is probably when it started.

5:20 PM -- Barack offers Rick Warren a massage and some meth.

5:40 PM -- Obama says anyone who isn't a Christian (like he is) should be sent back to Africa, where the Devil invented Evolution.

6:10 PM -- McCain is jabbering about how he worked with Jesus at Annapolis in 2,000 BC.

6:30 PM -- "Wh-what is this place, a, uh, a-aircraft c-carrier, heh heh?"

6:50 PM -- McCain: "I have f-f-faith I can believe in."

8:23 PM -- Oh come on, like we were going to liveblog this dumb nonsense. It's bad enough when we put up video clips of Michelle Obama on The View.

8:33 PM -- The real liveblogging is here, by the beloved Wonkette Commenters. (Start about here and just keep drinking.)

McCain, Obama meet at campaign religious forum [AFP]

EARLIER: Obama, McCain To Be Interrogated By Goateed Evangelist In Megachurch Isolation Booths


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