Liveblogging The Aftermath Of The Last Debate Ever

Liveblogging The Aftermath Of The Last Debate Ever

So uh how did that whole deal go? Let's go the the twelve dozen pundits gathered around a table in the CNN dungeon and see what they have to say, while Ken Layne eagerly watches the CSPAN to see if John McCain flees the stage immediately (again).

9:36 PM -- So we all liked the part where they argued about Bill Ayers, right? Yeah, that part ruled. Bill Bennett is such a fat sack of shit.

9:37 PM -- Castellanos: On the offense on big spending, taxes, Joe the Plumber. Jesus, when did "professorial" become such a term of derision?

9:38 PM -- Ugh, all these bickering jackasses. Let's go over to MSNBC.

9:40 PM -- Ooh looky it's Andrea Mitchell in a Star Trek uniform! And somebody holds up a huge poster behind her suggesting maybe Jackie Chan should be our president. And a guy named "Ed."

9:42 PM -- Well, that was fun, go read Ken now, thank you, good night.


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