Liveblogging the Bigshots Being Seated For Barack Obama's Big Day


It's time for our first official historical inaugural Inauguration Day liveblogging! Good morning, Hopeful America. We've got the Comics Curmudgeon on the ground, Jim Newell staggering around Capitol Hill with a broken camera, and the best political team on the internets, etc. Let's gather together around our teevee set and make fun of the cable-news people and, later, cry tears of awesome.

10:12 AM -- Who is this old guy being led around up there? Oh man, that's Mohammad Ali. Good lord, there's some loaded imagery.

10:14 AM -- And there's ... uh, Dustin Hoffman. Anderson Cooper asks his mortal enemy Wolf Blitzer: "Why is Dustin Hoffman up there? Why did you let this happen, Wolf?" Blitzer blames it on Nancy Pelosi.

10:15 AM -- Meanwhile, Joe and Jill Gaffesalot are "having coffee with the president, as they say." Gross.

10:18 AM -- Ronald Reagan forced this Ice Parade to be held on the West side, because of his love for gay San Francisco.

10:23 AM -- And this Blingee? FOUND ART. Until Wonkette stumbled across this weird MySpace trash-icon tool, the Blingee was used exclusively by large underprivileged teenagers and would-be urban gangsters. Now, those same tragic children are making Barack Obama blingees, without a shred of cold ironic detachment.

10:26 AM -- Which proves, obviously, that Barack Obama has healed America.

10:28 AM -- Hey, it's the Marine Corp band! Are they playing the famous march, "The Washington Post March"?

10:29 AM -- No, but close, as far as Souza marches go. What happens when the Washington Post goes under like all other newspapers, this summer? Wonkette will buy "The Washington Post March" at auction, for seven dollars!

[youtube expand=1]

10:30 AM -- And we'll replace this patriotic video with, perhaps, this shameful dancing gorilla:

[youtube expand=1]

10:34 AM -- New liveblog up soon, plus Newell's Libtard Party Pix!


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