Liveblogging the Cable News Clowns Talking About Obama's Lecture

Liveblogging the Cable News Clowns Talking About Obama's Lecture

Eh, this is not quite as much fun as, say, OBAMA IN A FOOTBALL STADIUM, with Stevie Wonder. But you don't fight the Depression with the media you want, etc.BUT: How weird to have a president who can discuss things in an intelligent way. Let's see how that works out, in this goddamned country. We did the pre-game liveblogging, we did the Obama Speech liveblogging, we did the Obama press conference liveblogging. And now? We will do a bit of this post-game analysis, with the Hardball and whatever.

9:10 PM -- Rachel Maddow calls it a "wonky sermon," which is a compliment, from Rachel Maddow

9:10 PM -- Axelrod will be on Maddow's show, shortly. Will he betray his god??!

9:11 PM -- Must refill the wine vessel. Never forget.

9:13 PM -- MSNBC is using that terrifying job-loss graph your editor is using for a gchat status message today: OH NOES.

9:16 PM -- Chris Matthews is just loving Barack Obama's "mind." Gives him a tingle between the legs. But now we must leave MSNBC, because Axelrod is a smarty jones, etc., but he is a PROPAGANDIST.

9:18 PM -- Oh, these CNN people. They are so 2008. Fire them! Get new panelists!

9:21 PM -- Just commercials, everywhere, every channel. The economy is already recovering!

9:22 PM -- Ugh, Bill O'Reilly. We were happy to get the "Fox Perspective," but not with this assclown. After all, O'Reilly is hated by everyone at Fox, too!

9:25 PM -- But what do the blogs say? Who cares, right?

9:27 PM -- CNN MapQuest King, John King, is going through the states, pointing out various poor redneck states with Republican senators, who won't vote for stimulus, because ... John McCain carried those states.

9:31 PM -- Dinnertime! Thanks everybody for hanging out with Wonkette!


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